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Investment Offer
Investment offer
Opening a deposit account is easy and convenient. You make a single deposit, and then you can add to it at any time. Each of your deposit anytime has its own 65 days on which 3% is paid to you daily!
Minimum Deposit
Maximum Deposit
Standard Rate
3% Daily
Term Of Deposit
65 Days
Enjoy Daily or Anytime Withdrawal of Your 3% Earnings on Your Deposit
Total amount on your deposit account
Profit : 95%
Total : $195
Total amount on your deposit account
Profit : 95%
Total : $1950
Total amount on your deposit account
Profit : 95%
Total : $19500
Total amount on your deposit account
Profit : 95%
Total : $195000
Deposit Included In Payments
Minimum Withdrawal Amount : $1
Reinvestment : Available
Minimum Top-Up Amount : $10
Timeframe For Withdrawals : 12 hours
Profit Accrual : 7 Days A Week
Daily Earnings :
Weekly Earnings :
Monthly Earnings :
65 Days Earnings :
Company Registration Number 10690262
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